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The Go-Make Junior

Go-Make is not your regular 3D printer manufacturer. We want you to customize "your" 3D printer. The Go-Make Junior is a fully developed 3D platform that you can modify and customize. By owning a Go-Make Junior you have an educational tool to learn the ins and outs of 3D printing.


The Go-Make Junior is released under CC BY-SA license. We, at Go-Make, designed a platform to start modifying and customizing. It is a medium cost 3D-printer with good printing qualities and lot of "tinkering" possibilities. The Junior can grow with you and your projects.


The goal is to build a community of Go-Make Junior owners that will be improving every printer and sharing ideas about options and upgrades.


We designed the Go-Make Junior with the K.I.S.S. principle in mind. This resulted in a very simple printer design with mostly standard parts. We encourage you to adjust, upgrade or redesign the printed parts and share them with the community.


  •     Printing surface: 170x190x200mm.
  •     1.75mm bowden extruder.
  •     E3D style hotend.
  •     Magnetic bed, easy to place and remove.
  •     Auto-level system with inductive/capacitive sensor.
  •     Marlin firmware.
  •     Ramp 1.4 Electronics.
  •     Powersupply 60W

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